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RedHat Gluster Storage Administrator(RH236)


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Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration (RH236)

Gluster Storage Administration (RH236) Introducation

Red Hat Gluster Storage provides on open software-defined storage solution delivering a continuous storage platform across physical,virtual and cloud resources. founded on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Gluster 3.6 Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.0 combine both file and object storage with a scale-out arcitecture designed to effectivly storage and manage unstructured data growth,providing cost-effective and high available storage without compromising on scale or performance


    Physical Requirement:

  • 2-Socket Server machine are supported
  • raid6 of 12 drives each using 2 or 3 TB drives
  • Ram Requirement differ based on the type of workload from a minimum of 16G an archive workload minimum on 48G for HPC Workload

  • Virtual Requirement:

  • Virtualization 3.4 and VMware vSphere 5.x vitual machine should be configured.
  • minimum 4vcpu 16 Gib RAM both hpervisor.


  • Introduction to Red Hat Storage Server
  • Exploring the Classroom
  • Installing RedHat Storge server
  • Configure RedHat Storage Server
  • Creating volumes
  • Configure Clients
  • Configure ACLs and Ouotas
  • Extending Volumes
  • Configure IP Failover
  • Configure GEO-replication
  • Configure Unified File and Object Storage
  • roubleshooting
  • Managing Snapshot
  • Installing RedHat Storage Console
  • Configure Hadoop Plugin

Outline Of This Course:

Describe the RedHat Gluster Storage Features and Architecture


RedHat Gluster Storage Features
Redhat Gluster Storage use cases
RedHat Gluster Storage Concept & Terminology
REdHat Gluster Hardware Requiremets
Explore the classroom Environment


orientation to the Classroom
Instal RedHat Storage


Installing Red Hat Storage Server on Premise
Installing Red Hat Storage Server on Public Cloud
Configure Trusted Storage Pool.
Create Bricks.
Create and start volumes.


Building s Trusted Storge Pool
Creating Bricks.
Building a Volume.
Describe Different Volume types features.
Configre different types of Volumes


Creating different Volume Types
Understanding Different Volume Types
Creating a Replicated Volume
Creating Distributed-Replicated Volume
Configure Different RedHat Storage Server-supported Client to access data.


Native Clients
NFS Clients
CIFS Clients
Volume Options
Configur POSIX ACLs
Configure Directory Quotas.


Setting POSIX ACLs
Setting Quotas
Extend Storge Volumes.


Growing Volumes
Configure IP Failover.


IP Failover with CTDB
Configre geo-replication on RedHat Storage Server.


Configure Geo-replication
Configure Swift.


Introduction to swift.
Configuring Swift.
Testing Swift.
Troubleshoot RedHat Storge Server.


Create and Manage snapshot for RedHat Storage Server Volumes.
Enable user-serviceble snapshot for an RedHat Storage Server Volume.


Managing Snapshots
Install and Configure redhat Storge Console on RedHat Storage Server.
Configure RedHat Storage Server due to be managed by RedHat Console.


Installing RedHat Storage Console.
Configure Hadoop plugin on REdHAt Storge server to user RedHat Storage as a back end Hadoop.
Enable HDP to use plugin for RedHat Storage Server as a storage back end.


Configure Hadoop Plu-in for RedHat Storage Server

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