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Red Hat OpenShift Development I


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RedHat Openshift Administration I (DO280)

OpenShift Introducation

RedHat OpenShift Administration I is a hands-on, lab-based course that teaches system administrators how to install, configure, and manage Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform clusters. OpenShift is a containerized application platform that allows enterprises to manage container deployments and scale their applications using Kubernetes. OpenShift provides predefined application environments and builds upon Kubernetesto provide support for DevOps principles such as reduced time to market, infrastructure as code, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD).


  • RHCSA certification or equivalent Linux administration experience is required.
  • Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift (DO180) is highly recommended, or equivalent experience with containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift basics.

Topics In Automation with Ansible

  • Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Installing OpenShift Container Platform
  • Describing and Exploring OpenShift Networking Concepts
  • Executing Commands
  • Controlling Access to OpenShift Resources
  • Allocating Persistent Storage
  • Managing Application Deployments
  • Installing and Configuring the Metrics Subsystem
  • Managing and Monitoring OpenShift Container Platform
  • Comprehensive Review: Red Hat OpenShift Administration I

Outline Of This Course:

After completing this section, students should be able to describe the typical use of the product and list its features.describe the architecture of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
This section, students should be able to prepare the servers for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform installer to configure a master and execute post installation tasks and verify OpenShift cluster configuration.
After completing this section, students should be able to describe how OpenShift implements software-defined networking.describe how OpenShift routing works and create a route.
After completing this section, students should be able to configure resources using the OpenShift command-line interface.execute commands that assist in troubleshooting common problems.
This section, students should be able to segregate resources and control access to them using OpenShift security features.create and apply secrets to manage sensitive information.manage security policies using the command-line interface.
After completing this section, you should be able to control the number of replicas of a pod.describe and control how pods are scheduled on the manage images, image streams, and templates
After completing this section, students should be able to describe the architecture and operation of the Metrics subsystem.Install the Metrics subsystem.
After completing this section, students should be able to review and refresh knowledge and skills learned in Red Hat OpenShift Administration I
After completing this section, students should be able to limit the resources consumed by an application.upgrade OpenShift Container Platform.

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