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RedHat Openstack Administration-II (CL210)


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RedHat Openstack Administration-II(CL210)

Openstack(CL210) Introducation

Red Hat Openstack Administration-II(CL210) is designed for system administratiors who intend to implement a cloud computing environment using Openstack.Students will learn how to configure,use,and maintain RedHat Openstack Platform.


  • RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA in RHEL) Certification or equivalent experience.
  • System Administrators to know including, . Installing Linux Operating System and entry level commands called (touch,cat,cd,pwd,ls,history,vim,cp,mv)
  • RedHat Openstack Administration 1 (CL110)Course or equivalent experience.

Topics In RedHat Openstack Administration-II

  • Managing an Enterprise Openstack Deployment
  • Managing Internal Openstack Communication
  • Building and Customizing Images
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing and Troubleshooting Virtual Network Infrastructure
  • Managing Resilient Compute Resources
  • Troubleshooting Openstack Issues
  • Monitoring Cloud Metrics For Autoscaling
  • Orchestrating Deployments

Outline Of This Course:

After completing this section, students should be able to Describe the Openstack overcloud architecture and terminology.Describe the Openstack undercloud architecture and terminology and Describe the benefits of using Openstack to install Openstack.Describe the Openstack components performing undercloud services.Describe the technologies that implement bare metal deployment.start the overcloud from the undercloud.locate and view output from overlocud provisioning. Test specific overcloud functionality .Run tests on overcloud components.
After completing this section, students should be able to describe the common image formats used within RedHat Openstack platform. To build an image using disk image builder and customize an image using guestfish and virt-customize.
This section, student should be able to describe back-end storage options for openstack services. configure Ceph as the back-end storage for Openstack services.
This section,student should be able to Discuss sofware-defined networking.Discuss SDN implementation and use cases.Discuss network flow and network paths. Discuss VLAN translation in openstack.Discuss the usage of Netfilter in Openstack.Discuss security groups and floating IPs.
Discuss networking technologies such as bridges and tunnels.
After completing this section, students should be able to prepare to deploy an overcloud.Describe the undercloud introspection process.Describe the overcloud orchestration process.compute node to the overcloud using the undercloud.configure the block storage for the compute services.configure share storage for the compute services
After completing this section, student should be able to diagnose and troubleshoot instance launch issues on a compute node.troubleshoot the identity and messaging services.
This section, student should be able to describe the architecture of ceilometer,Aodh,Gnocchi,Panko,and agent plugins and Openstack metrics for use in autoscaling.
After completing this section, students should be able to describe Heat orchestration architecture and use cases. to write templates using the Heat irchestration Template (HOT)Language.


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